Post-processing of Georadar or GPR data

At GPR3D we offer a GPR georadar data post-processing service and its interpretation. Our data processing team is highly trained for the post-processing of 2D and 3D georadar data. We deliver the results in CAD format for ease of use.

We are a consulting service provider specialized in georadar. In addition to providing assistance in the final phases of data processing, we can provide advice in the planning phase of geophysical prospecting campaigns.

Do you need to solve a problem and do not know where to start? Get in touch with us and we will organize the campaign for you to be safe in your project. As experts in geophysics we value the most optimal methods for each project; georadar, electrical tomography, electromagnetic locator … Each problem always has a solution according to its peculiarities, we propose solutions for an optimal outcome.

campaña geofísica



We help you plan the campaign optimizing your resources and objectives.

Procesado georradar


Processed 2D & 3D

Advanced post-processing using the latest 2D and 3D filters and algorithms.

Entregables en AutoCAD



3D rendering with depth CAD tools

If you are interested in the post-processing of georadar data or its interpretation, do not hesitate to request a test.

We are currently in a position to process the data of most manufacturers of georadar. However, if in doubt, you can request a data sample as proof before our service. Your trust in us is the peace of mind you need to advance in your projects.

What are the advantages of us processing your georadar data for you?

  • Spend your time caring for and getting more clients.
  • Reduce your structural company costs and have flexibility.
  • Economic prices.