Detection of buried utilities

The detection of buried utilities with GPR is essential for any construction project where an underground excavation is planned. When the study of the affected services is ignored, risks and budget overruns can multiply, complicating the work schedule. In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France, the study of the subsoil is mandatory by law (+info).

In our services location studies we use the latest technology, both in geo-radar and in the electromagnetic locator (Radiolocator). In addition, depending on the objective, we offer you a wide range of options in our service:

  • Marking of interference in trench excavations.
  • Marks on the ground of different durability.
  • Basic field sketch.
  • Complete utility line map.
localizador electromagnetico
georradar radiolocalizador

Cable and pipe detection process

The fastest method for the detection of cables and pipes is the use of multi-frequency geo-radar and electromagnetic locator. Together, these tools allow the location and depth of sub-terranean elements found in zones of high density to be determined with a greater accuracy and level of certainty. Be them public or private utilities.

The detection of a pipe by geo-radar is achieved by the identification of diffraction curves in the field and the subsequent observation of the extent and pattern. Our company boasts Spain´s first geo-radar with phased frequency antennae (SFCW). (+info). This instrument is at our disposal to allow un unrivalled agility on streets, sidewalks and in building interiors. In addition, we employ our top of the range radio locators to detect and locate electrical cables and other metallic components with accuracy.

High resolution 3D GPR mapping

In large open areas with few urban fixtures but a high density of buried utilities it is possible to create a three-dimensional GPR image.

In these cases, a GPR matrix can be employed. Our Ground Penetrating Radar instruments allow us to rapidly acquire the measurements required for a detailed mapping of the buried utilities. The three-dimensional images allow us to map in very areas of very high pipe and cable congestion. It is also a possibility to estimate diameter and gradient of these utilities.

localización de servicios enterrados con georradar