GPR night of high productivity at Barcelona Airport.

Have you ever wondered how to detect services buried at night in the dark and with kilometer lines? 

At GPR3D we have developed a solution based on the Proceq GS8000 equipment, with the aim of being able to acquire long distances using a motor vehicle. This equipment is towed at a speed of 20Km/h, acquiring data from the subsoil where we can observe the different layers of the asphalt and granular pavement and the possible affected services.

These last weeks we have been acquiring at the Barcelona airport, known as Josep Tarradellas airport. Our georadar has scanned a trace projected outside and inside the tracks for the study of possible structures and services that may interfere during its excavation. 

As is customary, engineering companies hire ground penetrating radar services before opening a trench, with the aim of studying possible interferences from the affected services. Receiving a report with the georeferenced plans of all the interferences or services such as: drain pipes, water pipes, electrical cables, telecommunications, old structures, galleries, etc. is essential for a correct execution of the works. Having precisely marked all these elements avoids damaging the existing services at the time of the execution of the works, especially in large facilities where it is not possible to cut the services to operate. Choosing the optimal route in the project phase reduces costs in the execution phase and minimizes risks during excavation.

Adapting to our client’s premises, on this occasion, when working on the airport runways, we had to work at night with poor visibility and with long-distance profiles of 25 to 700 meters in length, with limited time and interruptions in the acquisition. for the planes that are in full landing. 

Thanks to our very powerful Proceq GS8000 equipment towed to the vehicle, we have been able to acquire georadar data at high speed over large areas of terrain, asphalt and grass, without losing quality in the data acquisition and positioning all geophysical data to the centimeter. In addition, thanks to Screening Eagle’s navigation technology, we can follow the route of the ditch without having visibility and make the necessary parallel passes from inside the vehicle.

The Barcelona airport data has been processed in the cloud and delineated in CAD format in our office. Delivering a detailed report in the format that our client has requested.

From GPR3D we give different solutions to adapt to different needs of our clients, each study is different and we recommend that you raise your problems so that we can offer the best non-destructive solution to them.